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Texas Court Records

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Brazoria County Arrest Records

Brazoria County arrest records provide details about bookings and arrests within the county. Such records serve multiple purposes. For instance, law enforcement agencies use them to solve criminal cases.

According to the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, law enforcement agents can arrest a person alleged to have committed a crime, with or without a warrant. However, before a police officer can make an arrest, they must have probable cause for believing the person has committed an offense. If not, the arrest will be deemed unlawful.

Due to arrest records' essential functions, government agencies keep arrest records safe. The Brazoria County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for maintaining arrest records in the county. Residents can also find arrest records at Brazoria County Clerk’s Office, which keeps Brazoria County Court Records.

Are Arrest Records Public in Brazoria County?

Yes, the general public has access to Brazoria County arrest records. The Texas Public Information Act makes government documents generally available to Texas residents. Interested parties should note that despite being public records, the general public cannot view personal or sensitive information on arrest records. Examples of sensitive information include:

  • Personal information such as home address or medical information.
  • Information that, if released, could jeopardize an ongoing investigation or criminal proceedings.
  • Information that could hurt community safety.

Additionally, only record subjects can request copies of their arrest records.

What Do Public Arrest Records Contain?

Arrest records can contain various information depending on the jurisdiction and the technology law enforcement agencies use. Here's a general overview of what you might find in an arrest record:

  • Arrestee's name, date of birth, aliases
  • Arresting agency and officer
  • Date, time, and location of arrest
  • Reason for arrest (charges filed)
  • Whether a warrant was involved
  • Circumstances surrounding the arrest

Brazoria County Crime Rate

The Texas Department of Public Safety gathers and maintains statistical crime statistics for counties and localities. Data released in 2021 showed that the police reported 1,306 crimes in the county. With 742 recorded cases, theft and robbery were first in terms of frequency of crime, while assault was the most frequent violent crime. In contrast to the 2016 data that was made public, there was a 0.9% increase in total offenses. The number of larceny cases increased by 5, whereas burglary cases jumped from 270 to 271. On the other hand, there was a decrease in robbery and assault incidents in both years.

Brazoria County Arrest Statistics

In 2020, the Brazoria County Police Department and Sheriff’s Office made 2,509 arrests. In 2016, the jail population was 867, 0.25% of the total population.

Find Brazoria County Arrest Records

In Brazoria County, the general public can find arrest records at the county’s Sheriff’s, County Clerk, and District Clerk’s offices. The Sheriff’s Office is usually the first place people check to find information on inmates held in the county jails. Record seekers can visit the office at the following location to search for arrest records:

Brazoria County Sheriff’s Office
3602 County Road 45
Angleton, TX 77515
(979) 864-2200

The County Clerk’s Office also maintains records relating to criminal cases. Brazoria County residents can search remotely through the office’s Court Records Inquiry portal. The portal allows interested parties to look through jail records. To complete a search, records seekers will need to input:

  1. The first and last name of the defendant.
  2. The defendant’s date of birth.
  3. The date the defendant was booked.

People can also visit the Clerk’s office to complete inmate searches. However, they may need to bring their government-issued identification and the name of the record subject.

The District Clerk’s Office’s Records Department also has records of inmates incarcerated due to a court case. The department maintains a Criminal Case Search database where people can find inmates' records. Interested parties can also download, fill out, and submit a Request For Copies form to the department. The complete form should be sent to the following address:

Brazoria County Courthouse
111 E. Locust St.
Angleton, TX 77515

Free Arrest Record Search in Brazoria County

The County Clerk's and District Clerk’s offices offer Brazoria County residents the chance to search arrest records online for free. However, interested parties can also use free third-party websites to complete these searches. Some third-party websites aggregate public records information, including arrest data, from various counties. These sites might have information on your county, but accuracy and completeness can vary significantly. Be cautious and consider these limitations:

  • Outdated Information: Data might need to be updated regularly.
  • Incomplete Information: Records might need to be included or contain errors.
  • Privacy Concerns: Some sites might require payment or personal information to access details.

Get Brazoria County Criminal Records

Any person convicted of a criminal offense by a court of law will have their details and information about their conviction recorded and stored in a document. This document is often called a criminal record, criminal history, or rap sheet. Within it, information such as the convict's name, age, and sex, as well as the details of the crime they were convicted of committing.

At the county level, record seekers can find criminal records at the Brazoria County Clerk’s Office. Interested parties can search for criminal history information through its Judicial Records Search website. Requesters will need to input the case number and status to search. They can also physically visit the Clerk’s Office to search for criminal records. The office is located at:

At the state level, the Texas Department of Public Safety, through its Crime Records Division (CRD,) gives access to criminal records across Texas. The CRD provides the Criminal History Conviction Name Search database, allowing requesters to find criminal records. It offers name-based results for all persons with a conviction or deferred adjudication. Users can find different kinds of information using this database, such as those on arrests, prosecutions, and disposition of cases for individuals arrested for class B misdemeanor or greater.

Brazoria County Arrest Records Vs. Criminal Records

In Brazoria County, criminal and arrest records are distinct despite sharing similar characteristics. For instance, we can see a difference regarding where both documents manifest. An arrest record represents a much earlier stage–just after an individual has been arrested. Meanwhile, a criminal record typically only occurs after a conviction.

Additionally, there is a difference in the amount and kind of information they contain. Criminal records are generally more comprehensive and show a person's journey through the criminal justice system. They typically include:

  • Arrests
  • Charges filed
  • Convictions
  • Sentences (including probation, fines, or jail time)
  • Dispositions of the case (e.g., dismissed, acquitted)

Arrest records, however, focus solely on the arrest itself. They might contain details like:

  • Reason for arrest
  • Arresting agency and officer
  • Date, time, and location of arrest
  • Charges filed at the time of arrest (these charges might not always result in convictions)

How Long Do Arrests Stay on Your Record?

Texas law doesn't specify a definite time limit for how long arrest records must be maintained by law enforcement agencies. This means county Sheriff's Departments have discretion on how long to retain these records based on their departmental policies and storage capacity.

Expunge Brazoria County Arrest Records

In Brazoria County, individuals can get their criminal records sealed or destroyed. They can do this through an Order of Nondisclosure or an Order of Expunction. A person can have their criminal record, wholly or partly, sealed from public view by an Order of Nondisclosure. It should be noted that an Order of nondisclosure does not entirely erase one’s arrest record; it simply hides it. Additionally, this process is limited to the state, meaning the federal government can still access a person’s sealed criminal records. This is a state process, so the federal government can still access and use your sealed criminal records against you.

An Order of Expunction goes beyond sealing an individual’s criminal record; it destroys all documents related to the underlying criminal charge. Like nondisclosure orders, expunction orders are also a state process, so the federal government can still access expunged records.

Nondisclosures are typically granted for a first-time nonviolent misdemeanor conviction and upon successful completion of deferred adjudication. However, there are limitations on who can obtain a nondisclosure. These limitations may not necessarily relate to the charge a person wants to seal. For instance, an individual will never be qualified to receive a nondisclosure for any crime if they have been found guilty or placed on deferred adjudication for family violence charges.

Expunctions are generally available only if

  1. A person was arrested and never charged in court.
  2. The charges brought against an individual were ultimately dismissed or dropped.
  3. A person was acquitted or found innocent at trial.
  4. An individual completed a pretrial intervention or diversion program
  5. A person is convicted of unlawfully carrying a weapon.

Brazoria County Arrest Warrants

An arrest warrant is a document a judge issues in court allowing law enforcement to arrest a person suspected of committing a crime. It demonstrates that there is reason to believe someone is guilty of a crime and warrants arrest. To obtain an arrest warrant, law enforcement must provide a judge with an affidavit detailing the alleged offense's specifics and any evidence pointing to the offender. After reading the affidavit, the judge decides if there is enough evidence to make an arrest. If so, they issue a warrant. After reviewing the affidavit, the judge decides if there is an excellent reason to make an arrest. Felonies are classified as serious crimes, and for these offenses, warrants are usually issued. However, they can also be issued for misdemeanors, especially if the suspect skips court to face a prior accusation.

Brazoria County Arrest Warrant Search

Interested parties seeking active search warrants can contact the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office at (559) 600-8402. To complete a search, the searching party must provide the record subject's full name and date of birth.

Note: The Sheriff’s Office only provides the court case number, court date of issue, and bail. Additionally, they can only check for warrants issued out of Brazoria County.

Do Brazoria County Arrest Warrants Expire?

No, arrest warrants in Brazoria County typically do not expire. They remain valid until one of the following conditions is met:

  • Once the police have made an arrest.
  • Once the charges have been dropped or dismissed.
  • The judge recalls the warrant. However, this happens in rare cases.
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