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Texas Court Records

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Grayson County Court Records

Grayson County Court Records consist of documents, information, or exhibits pertaining to the official proceedings of a court. Such records are typically generated or maintained during regular operations and judicial proceedings. County court records also encompass various cases, including civil matters, criminal cases, property, probate, and family proceedings.

The County Clerk and the District Clerk’s Offices maintain court records in Grayson County. These records typically contain the following information:

  • Name of judge who presided over the case
  • Case parties and their attorney’s names
  • Case filing date
  • Docket information
  • Case status

Judicial records can help when conducting a background check on a potential employee, business partner, or tenant to ensure they have no previous criminal convictions. Persons in the legal field seeking a comprehensive understanding of a particular case law or legal precedent can also find judicial records helpful.

Are Court Records Public in Grayson County?

Grayson County court records are generally available and accessible to members of the public. Under the state’s Public Information Act, citizens may access official records maintained by government agencies. This includes law enforcement agencies and the courts.

To access court records, interested persons must know where to look. For instance, record seekers can find specific misdemeanor cases by searching the Office archive using the Grayson County Clerk Criminal Record Search Tool. For felony records, interested persons must contact the District Clerk’s Office to gain access.

Note that both offices monitor civil suit filings. While the County Clerk’s Office keeps judicial records of civil suits for amounts lesser than $100,000, the District Clerk’s Office handles civil filings in amounts greater than $100,000. However, certain records may have restricted access due to confidential or sensitive information.

Grayson County Court Records Search

Grayson County Court Records are electronically accessible. Record Seekers can find specific records online using the County Government’s Judicial Records Search Tool. Alternatively, they can access court records by requesting them by visiting the County Clerk’s Office during work hours. However, certain records may be off-limits due to confidential or sensitive information.

Grayson County Court Records Search by Name

A common method for locating Grayson Court Records is to search by name. Interested parties can do this using the Grayson County Judicial Records Search Tool. The online platform categorizes accessible records into departments. This includes Civil, Family, Probate Case Records, and Court Calendar. Record Seekers can search within a particular department by entering a name in the search area.

Note that when searching for case records, certain fields are required fields. These fields require you to enter a value in the field to perform a successful search. Alternatively, depending on the record type, interested parties can also search Grayson Court Records by name in person at the County Clerk’s Office or the District Clerk’s Office location.

Grayson County Courts

Grayson County contains one constitutionally granted County Court, three district courts, and two county courts at law - known as county courts at law 1 and 2. The County Court and the District Courts are trial courts, and both courts share jurisdiction over many cases. The County Courts at law were created by state legislation to support the single County Court in its judicial functions.

The court system also comprises the Justice of the Peace Courts. The Justice of the Peace Courts presides over civil cases not exceeding $10,000 in amount, eviction proceedings, administrative hearings, certain property matters, misdemeanor criminal cases punishable by fines only, cases related to animal cruelty and neglect, and issues concerning peace bonds.

Note: Despite the name, the Commissioner’s Court is not a court. Therefore, it has no judicial power. It is a body that oversees County affairs.

Below are the locations of the courts in Grayson County:

County Courts at Law
Grayson County Justice Center
200 S. Crockett Street
Sherman, TX 75090
(903) 813-4241


Grayson County Court
100 W Houston Street
Sherman, TX 75090
(903) 813-4200


Grayson County 15th District Court
200 S Crockett Street 217A
Sherman, TX 75090-7170
(903) 813-4303


Grayson County 59th District Court
200 S Crockett Street 120A
Sherman, TX 75090
(903) 813-4352


397th District Court
200 S Crockett Street 231A
Sherman, TX 75090-7168
(903) 813-4311

Grayson County District Court Records

Although the District Courts share jurisdiction with the County Court over many cases, the District Courts have original jurisdiction in all felony cases, divorce cases, cases involving title to land, election contest cases, and civil matters in which the amount in controversy is $200 or more. Anyone who wants to access District court records can call or visit the District Clerk’s Office using the address below:

District Clerk's Office
200 S. Crockett Street 120A
Sherman, TX 75090
(903) 813-4352

Grayson County Criminal Records

Grayson County criminal records vary in type depending on who keeps them. While criminal records are available in County courts, county law enforcement agencies also create and maintain their version of these records. This includes Grayson arrest, warrants, jail, and mugshot records. Record Seekers may access these records by visiting the county’s detention center to request them.

Note that the Grayson County Sheriff’s Office is the main law enforcement agency in the County tasked with arresting and charging offenders. The Office is also the primary maintainer of the County’s detention center. The Sheriff’s department must provide arrest records of inmates booked in county jails to requesters in compliance with the state’s Public Information Act. As a result, contacting the Grayson County Sheriff’s Office directly by phone may be the best way to get information on County Criminal records.

Grayson County Criminal Court Case Lookup

Record seekers can look up specific criminal cases, criminal court documents, and other relevant information online through the Grayson County Clerk Criminal Record Search Tool. As the County Courts at law record keeper for misdemeanor cases, the County Clerk will provide a certified copy of the documents upon request for a fee of $1 per page and $5 for certification. Nevertheless, record seekers must contact the District Clerk’s Office to access felony records.

Get Grayson County Civil Court Records

Grayson County Civil Court Records are court records of legal matters that do not involve criminal charges by law enforcement agencies. These records include contract disputes, personal injury claims, property matters, probate, name changes, small claims cases, and family-related matters.

Record seekers can access Grayson County Civil Records through the County Clerk’s Office. The County Clerk’s Office maintains records of suits filed for less than $100,000 in Grayson County Courts at Law. In line with the state’s Public Information Act, the County Clerk’s Office will provide a certified copy of the recorded document upon request for a fee of $1 per page and $5 for certification.

The District Clerk’s Office also handles family matters including divorce, condemnation, and juvenile cases. However, an individual who seeks to access records of civil filings in amounts greater than $100,000 will need to submit a request to the District Clerk’s Office to gain access. It is recommended to place a call to the Office before visiting.

Grayson County Family Court Records

The Grayson County Clerk and District Clerk's Offices maintain an archive of family-related legal records. These matters include marriage, divorce, child custody and support, property division, adoption, and spousal support cases.

It is important to note that Grayson County has no special court dedicated to hearing family cases. Therefore, family-related matters are handled by Grayson County Courts at Law and the District Courts. While the County Courts at law handle family-related suits filed for less than $100,000, the District Courts adjudicate over suits filed for amounts greater than $100,000, plus family matters relating to marriage dissolution or divorce.

Interested persons seeking Grayson County Courts family records can access these records online by date, time, case number, and parties using the Grayson County Public Records website. They can also filter cases further by date of filing, case type, party type, and party representation by visiting the Grayson County Court Website.

Alternatively, record seekers can visit the County or District Clerk’s Offices in person to request the records, depending on the type of record they need. However, it is important to note that courthouse authorities may ask a record seeker to provide a government-issued ID to be granted access to the record sought.

Grayson Dissolution of Marriage Records

In Grayson County, dissolution of marriage records is maintained by the Grayson County District Clerk’s Office. These records include divorce decrees, petitions, and other related documents. To access these records, interested persons can visit the District Clerk’s Office to make inquiries.

Grayson County Marriage and Divorce Records

Marriage and divorce records are documents used for the legal union of two persons and their legal separation afterward. The documents become records when they are subsequently maintained and preserved by the authority that created them. Nevertheless, marriage and divorce records are part of the Grayson County Public Records and are available to anyone interested. Interested persons can access these records online by logging into the Grayson County Government website and using the official record search tool. Alternatively, requesters can obtain these records by visiting the County Court and District Clerks' Offices.

Grayson Birth and Death Records

In Grayson County, birth and death records are public records in compliance with the state’s Public Records Act. As a result, they are available and accessible to requesters.

One way to access these records is to log into the Grayson County Government website and search their archive using the official record search tool. Alternatively, a record seeker can mail in their request, fill out and electronically submit the online request form, or walk into the County Clerk’s Office to submit the request form. Applicants must note that whichever option they choose requires them to present a valid ID to gain access to the records.

Furthermore, birth records are only accessible after the 75th anniversary of the person on record’s birth, while death records are only accessible after 25 years of the date of death. Keep in mind that those who can access the records are limited to the individual on record and their family members, such as parents, stepparents, children, siblings, spouses, and grandparents. Others who may be granted access are legal guardians, representatives, and contracted individuals for the registrant.

Grayson County Probate Court Records

Grayson County Probate Records track how a person’s estate was distributed after death or incapacity. Their incapacity may result from physical or mental illness. Grayson County Probate Records typically include matters related to executing the will of the deceased, applying legal rules to distribute the person’s asset if they did not write a will, payment of a debt, and recovery of monies owed to the deceased before death.

Interested persons can access probate records from 1846 - 1983 by downloading and mailing a copy of the request form or emailing the form to the Grayson County Clerk’s Office using the address provided below:

Grayson County Clerk
100 W. Houston St. Ste.17 Sherman,
TX 75090

However, they can access more recent records by using the Grayson Record Search Tool.

Grayson County Property Records

The County Clerk's Office holds Official Public Records dating back to 1846. These records comprise deeds, land documents, patent records, mortgages, judgments, and tax records. Additionally, the County Clerk's Office offers a complimentary Grayson County Real Property Records Search Tool accessible to the public. Furthermore, interested persons can make inquiries by sending an email to the Grayson County Clerk’s Office.

Grayson County Court Records Online

Records seekers can access Grayson County court records online through third-party resources like Texascourtrecords.us. These resources provide information from criminal misdemeanor records to child support forms, court e-filing, and more. However, third-party online resources may be more expensive and may not be as comprehensive. And since such platforms operate independently of any state agency, the accuracy of results cannot be guaranteed.

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