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Texas Court Records

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Jefferson County Arrest Records

When an individual commits an offense, the state has the right to detain and prosecute them. This power to detain is typically conferred to law enforcement agents like the police. Section 14.01 of the Texas Code provides that a police officer can detain an offender they have seen commit an offense or reasonably suspect of committing an offense. The Code also permits law enforcement agents to arrest with or without a warrant.

After a person has been arrested, they are taken to the nearest precinct and have all their details processed and stored in an accessible database. The information stored in this database is referred to as an arrest record. An arrest record helps people identify a person’s past interactions with law enforcement.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for maintaining arrest records in the county. The District Court Clerk’s Office also records Jefferson County arrests. The Clerk’s Office also holds other documents, such as Jefferson County Court Records. Interested parties can visit the office to get access to these records.

Are Arrest Records Public in Jefferson County?

According to the Texas Public Information Act, documents held and maintained by public agencies in Texas must provide the general public access to those records. This also includes arrest records. Additionally, anyone can access arrest records, as Texas law does not provide eligibility requirements. However, the record keeper may omit some information in an arrest record from public viewing due to adverse effects they may have if revealed. For instance, if it is a juvenile’s arrest record, it is immediately sealed from the public. Additionally, arrest records relating to sexual or domestic abuse are typically barred from public access.

What Do Public Arrest Records Contain?

The Texas Department of Public Safety provides Jefferson County residents access to arrest-related information. Below is a summary of the data that is currently accessible:

  • The name and birthdate of the individual.
  • Gender, height, race, and eye color of the arrested person.
  • The precise time, date, and place of the arrest.
  • The cause of the arrest and any preliminary complaints
  • The name, badge number, and assignment of the arresting officer are all personal information.

Interested parties should note that an arrest record does not disclose the outcome of the arrest or the court case.

Jefferson County Crime Rate

According to the Texas Department of Public Safety Uniform Crime Reporting System, the Jefferson County crime rate stood at 4,970 per 100,000 persons as of 2023. This was a 0.7% increase from the previous, which had a 4,935 per 100,000 persons crime rate. Of the crimes committed, aggravated and simple assault were the most frequently perpetrated. Both offenses were committed 6,289 times, a 12% increase from the 2022 figure of 5,594. The second most committed crime in 2023 was Theft, which saw 3,811 offenses committed. This was followed by burglary, motor vehicle theft, robbery, and rape committed 1,416,599, 316, and 179 times respectively.

Jefferson County Arrest Statistics

Between June 2022 and June 2023, the Jefferson Police made 635 arrests for assaults other than aggravated assault, which saw 293 arrests. Meanwhile, crimes such as theft, weapon possession, burglary, and murder saw 450, 247, 119, and 21 arrests, respectively.

Find Jefferson County Arrest Records

Jefferson County residents can find arrest records through the Sheriff’s Office. The Sheriff’s Office provides a database parties interested in finding arrest records can use. With the Jefferson County Inmate Search tool, requesters can search for any person arrested and processed in jails across the county. Users simply need to input the first and last name of the record subject to complete a search. Alternatively, interested parties can use the office's daily arrest rosters to look for arrest records.

Requesters can also access the office’s physical location to access arrest records. Residents can find the address at:

Jefferson County Sheriff's Office
1001 Pearl St. #103
Beaumont, TX 77701
(409) 835-8411

Interested parties can also use the District Court Clerk’s Office criminal index, which contains details of criminal cases filed in the court. Here, interested parties can find information on different arrests in the county. Requesters can also access arrest records at the District Court Clerk’s office at:

Jefferson County District Court Clerk’s Office
1085 Pearl Street, Room 203
Beaumont, Texas 77701
(409) 835-8580

Free Arrest Record Search in Jefferson County

Jefferson County citizens can conduct a free online search of arrest records at the Sheriff’s Office and the Office of the District Clerk. Interested parties can also utilize free third-party websites to complete arrest record searches. Unaffiliated websites compile data from multiple counties' public databases, including arrest records. These websites will most likely have information on arrest records in Jefferson County, although the quality and thoroughness can differ significantly. Consider that some websites may provide outdated, incomplete, or incorrect information. Some third-party websites may also require money and personal information, leading to privacy breaches.

Get Jefferson County Criminal Records

Every individual found guilty of a crime by a court of law will have their specifics and the circumstances of their conviction documented and kept in a file. This record is frequently called a rap sheet, criminal history, or criminal record. A criminal record will have the name, age, sex, and specifics of the offense the prisoner was found guilty of committing.

Criminal records are available at the county level through the Jefferson County Clerk's Office. Interested parties can search criminal background data through the county’s Official Records Search Portal. To search, requesters must enter the case number and status.

They can also physically search for criminal records by going to the Clerk's Office. The office conducts searches of misdemeanor records filed within the Jefferson County Clerk's Office only. However, search results are limited to Class A, B, and C misdemeanors. Class C misdemeanors appealed from lower courts are also included. To initiate a search, the interested party must provide the full name and date of birth of the individual for whom the search is being requested. The application should be sent to:

Jefferson County Clerk
P.O. Box 1151
Beaumont, TX 77704-1151

The Texas Department of Public Safety's Crime Records Division (CRD) provides access to criminal records throughout the state of Texas. Requesters can locate criminal records by using the Criminal History Conviction Name Search database, which is made available by the CRD. It provides name-based outcomes for everyone convicted or has had their adjudication postponed. This database allows users to retrieve many types of information, including records of arrests, cases that have been prosecuted, and the outcome of cases involving people who were taken into custody for felonies class B or higher.

Jefferson County Arrest Records Vs. Criminal Records

Arrest records are more precise than criminal records, which offer comprehensive details about a person's criminal history, including all contacts with the legal system. They are kept by the law enforcement organization that made the arrest and contain information about the individual's arrest.

How Long Do Arrests Stay on Your Record?

The duration of an arrest on an individual's record is not set, as the specifics of the arrest are retained indefinitely. The record custodian can seal or remove the arrest record if the person is accused of a crime and files an application to have it sealed or expunged.

Expunge Jefferson County Arrest Records

Under the guidelines outlined in Subsection (e) of Section 411.081, Government Code, an individual may submit a Petition for Non-Disclosure to the Jefferson County Clerk. When the petition is filed, the petitioner must pay an additional $28.00 charge in addition to the filing fees for a standard civil complaint. Once the petition has been submitted, the filer must contact the court to schedule a hearing.

An order of nondisclosure is a court order that forbids public agencies, like courts and police departments, from sharing specific criminal records. Getting such an order might be beneficial if you have a criminal history. Persons granted a non-disclosure order are also legally exempt from answering inquiries on job applications concerning their criminal background if they have an order of nondisclosure. A person is not obligated to disclose details of an offense covered by a nondisclosure order. Requesters can gain access to OCA forms for non-disclosure using this link.

A non-disclosure petition is not the same as an expungement petition. A person who has been arrested for a misdemeanor may be able to request that all documentation associated with the arrest be erased under certain situations. The District Clerk's office is where petitions for expungement are submitted. Those seeking expunction should fill this form and send it to this address:

Jefferson County District Court Clerk’s Office

1085 Pearl Street, Room 203
Beaumont, Texas 77701
(409) 835-8580

The Jefferson County Clerk's Office advises that the petitioner obtain legal counsel before submitting a Petition for Expunction or a Petition for Non-Disclosure. Please go to our list of Legal Resources if you require help locating legal services.

Jefferson County Arrest Warrants

A court issues an arrest warrant when they reasonably believe a person has committed a crime and needs to be arrested for the police to conduct an investigation. To get an arrest warrant, the police must submit an affidavit to the court outlining the nature of the alleged offense and any evidence that may identify the perpetrator. After reviewing the affidavit, the judge determines whether sufficient evidence exists to arrest. In the case where it is, a warrant is issued.

Jefferson County Arrest Warrant Search

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office can be reached at (409) 835-8411 by anyone interested in learning more about current search warrants. The interested party must provide the full name and birthdate of the record subject to search.

Note: The only information the Sheriff's Office provides is the bail amount, court case number, and issue date. They are also limited to looking for warrants issued in Jefferson County.

Do Jefferson County Arrest Warrants Expire?

No, they do not. How long an arrest warrant lasts is not specified by any Texas law. However, there are conditions that, if fulfilled, will constitute the end of an arrest warrant. For instance, the warrant expires if the suspect is arrested or the charges are dropped.

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