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Kaufman County Arrest Records

Kaufman's arrest records are official documents that contain information on arrest events. The records come into existence when law enforcement officers conduct arrests. Officers may arrest people if there's sufficient evidence of their crime. In some cases, officers may conduct arrests to prevent crimes from occurring. In Kaufman County, arrested persons are temporarily held at the county's jail.

The county's law enforcement agency keeps records of all arrest events. Thus, interested parties seeking the records must visit the county sheriff’s office. On the other hand, Kaufman County arrest information is accessible in related public files. For instance, Kaufman County court records contain arrest information. Criminal history documents and inmate records are also sources of arrest information.

Are Arrest Records Public in Kaufman County?

Arrest records are public documents, according to Chapter 552 of the Texas Government Code. This state law empowers public members to request public documents from designated government agencies. Since arrest records are public documents, requesters must direct their request to the agencies holding the record.

Nevertheless, some arrest information is not open to the public. The state law allows custodian agencies to deny requests for these exempt records. Exempted documents may contain sensitive or confidential information that, if disclosed, will violate an individual's right to privacy or security. For instance, state law restricts access to information about crime victims. Other exempt arrest information include the following:

  • Arrest information that is sealed or expunged due to court order or statute.
  • Arrest information that may violate the subject’s right to privacy or security
  • Law enforcement agency’s data that may interfere with an investigation or prosecution.
  • Internal records prepared by law enforcement or prosecutors for use in issues related to these entities.
  • Investigatory documents and files that did not lead to a criminal conviction.
  • Information concerning threats against detention or peace officers.

Who is eligible to view Kaufman County Arrest Records?

Public members can request, view, or obtain arrest records from Kaufman County's sheriff's department. However, the agency will prevent unauthorized persons from accessing sensitive information. Only legally eligible people, like the record subject and persons directly affected by the arrest, can access confidential data from the sheriff's office. So, inquire if you are eligible by contacting the sheriff's office at:

1900 East US-175
Kaufman, Texas 75142
Phone: (972) 932-4337 (Main)

What Do Public Arrest Records Contain?

In Kaufman County, public arrest records will typically contain the following data:

  • The arrestee's name and physical-identifying features like eye color, sex, hair color, weight, and height
  • Arresting agency
  • Arrest charge(s)
  • Offense date
  • Bond information.

Kaufman County Crime Rate

The Texas Department of Public Safety (TxDPS) maintains an online dashboard for all reported crimes in the state. According to the dashboard, Kaufman County reported a crime rate of 1,865.7 per 100,000 residents in 2023. The report provides information on crimes like homicide, larceny thefts, and motor vehicle thefts. Aggravated assaults and larceny thefts were the most recurring crimes at 1,491 and 1,259, respectively.

Kaufman County Arrest Statistics

The TxDPS also maintains arrest statistics for each county within the state. According to the report, Kaufman County’s law enforcement agencies recorded 1,789 arrests between July 2023 and July 2024.

On the other hand, the Texas Department of Criminal Justice maintains inmate data for all the state counties. Per the report, the county incarcerated 525 offenders in 2022.

Find Kaufman County Arrest Records

Kaufman County arrest information is available in inmate records. These records contain arrest information, such as the arrestee's name, arrest charges, and the arrest date and time. That being said, Kaufman County inmate records are publicly accessible through designated record custodians. At the county level, the county sheriff's office maintains a search portal for all arrested persons incarcerated in the county jail. To obtain this information, visit the search portal and type in the inmate’s name.

An alternative option is to find inmate records by using the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Justice's inmate search database. Record seekers only need to input the inmate's name or prison number to obtain records on this database.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons also maintains arrest information through a searchable inmate database. Requesters must search inmate information by typing the offender's name or prison serial number.

Free Arrest Record Search in Kaufman County

Government-owned websites offer free access to Kaufman County arrest records. Requesters can obtain the records by using these websites:

Third-party sites are also alternative sources for accessing free arrest records in Kaufman County. Although they are unregulated, requesters can find arrest information on the sites.

Get Kaufman County Criminal Records

Kaufman County criminal records are government files concerning an individual's criminal history. The records contain not only arrest information but also inmate and court-related data.

The Texas Department of Public Safety is the designated custodian of criminal records. Furthermore, it allows name- or fingerprint-based checks for the records. To find Kaufman County criminal records by name, interested parties must create an account to use the agency's online search portal. Note that all persons are eligible to conduct name-based searches for criminal records.

In contrast, only eligible persons can use fingerprint-based checks to get criminal records. To use this option, the record seeker must follow these steps:

  • Schedule an appointment online or via phone at (888) 467-2080
  • Pay the required fees and generate an authorization letter that contains the bar code.
  • Fill out the authorization letter and a fingerprint card. You can obtain fingerprint cards from the Kaufman County Sheriff's office.
  • Mail these completed documents to the address provided on the authorization letter.

Kaufman County Arrest Records Vs. Criminal Records

In Kaufman County, criminal records are not the same as arrest records. Although they provide information on criminal activities, the records may differ based on how they are created, their custodial agency, and their content.

Kaufman County sheriff's office is primarily responsible for creating arrest records, while criminal records are collated from different agencies. The county's detention facilities, law enforcement agencies, and courts contribute data to create criminal records.

In terms of custodian agencies, you can only access criminal records from the Department of Public Safety. On the other hand, you'll find arrest information in public documents like inmate records and court records.

Kaufman County arrest records only contain arrest-related data, whereas criminal records contain all criminal-related information, including court records.

How Long Do Arrests Stay on Your Record?

In Kaufman County, arrest records will remain in your file unless you erase or expunge them. Note that there are specific procedures for expunging or sealing arrest records in the county.

Expunge Kaufman County Arrest Records

According to Article 5.02 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, you can file a petition with the county court. For arrest charges that resulted in a conviction, you must file the petition with the court that dismissed the case or ordered the acquittal. Note that you must file the petition within 30 days after getting an acquittal.

Who is eligible to expunge arrest records in Kaufman County?

Under state laws, you are eligible to expunge arrest records if:

  • You were tried and later acquitted by the trial court.
  • The statutes of limitation on the alleged crime have elapsed.
  • You were convicted but later received a pardon.
  • You were arrested but not convicted, and there was no court-ordered supervision.

How can I expunge arrest records in Kaufman County?

Follow these steps to expunge arrest records in Kaufman County:

  1. Create a petition to expunge arrest records. The document must provide information on the following:
    1. Your personal information, including your name, aliases, and contact details.
    2. Arrest-related data. You must include the arrest date and location
    3. Arrest charges. Include the case number and court name if the charges led to a criminal conviction
    4. A list of private and government agencies holding your arrest information. You can create a separate list for government and private agencies.
    5. A statement stating the need to expunge records
    6. A signature under a statement that you provided correct information.
  2. Include the filing fee for the petition. The court clerk will provide information on the filing fee.
  3. Make copies of your petition and file the original document with the court clerk.
  4. Upon receiving the petition, the court will schedule a hearing date.
  5. The court will grant an expunction order if there are no objections to your request.
  6. Make a copy of the signed expunction order and file the original copy with the court clerk.

Which arrest records are not eligible for expunction in Kaufman County?

Under Texas state laws, the following arrest records are not eligible for expungement:

  • Sexual assault,
  • Kidnapping,
  • Child support payments
  • Criminal solicitation,
  • Driving under the influence,
  • Driving while intoxicated,
  • Murder,
  • Aggravated robbery,
  • Contempt of court,
  • Indecency with a child,
  • Assaults with an affirmative finding of family violence,
  • Drug trafficking, or
  • Aggravated assault.

Kaufman County Arrest Warrants

Arrest warrants are court documents that authorize the arrest of suspected offenders. The court magistrate issues arrest warrants after law enforcement officers present a complaint or affidavit to the court.

Under the state law, Kaufman County arrest warrants will typically contain the following details:

  • The suspect’s name or suitable description
  • A statement on the suspect’s offense
  • The magistrate’s name, official post, and signature.

Kaufman County Arrest Warrant Search

To find arrest warrants in Kaufman County, you must contact the sheriff's office or the court responsible for issuing the document. You may inquire about arrest warrants in ++person by visiting the county sheriff at:

1900 East US-175
Kaufman, Texas 75142
Phone: (972) 932-4337 (Main)

Do Kaufman County Arrest Warrants Expire?

In Kaufman County, arrest warrants do not expire unless the court nullifies them or the record subject gets arrested. Note that warrants will remain effective even after the statute of limitations for the offense has elapsed.

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