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Texas Court Records

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Midland County Court Records

Midland County court records comprise files, digital archives, and documentation maintained by courts in the county. Such records are typically products of filed and completed cases. Court records may contain case details, such as filing date, the parties, case number, orders, judgments, transcripts, motions, evidence, and court schedules. Each court has a clerk to whom record seekers can send their record requests. In addition to determining who can access records, record custodians can also grant fee waivers to qualified individuals.

Are Court Records Public in Midland County?

Court records are generally public in Midland County. The Texas Public Information Act allows citizens to inspect governmental bodies' records. Each courthouse has records of documents filed at its location, making each court’s records unique to the cases handled. Residents and non-residents can go to any courthouse in Midland County to request court records or search the archives.

The general public may also choose to submit a request to the court clerk using the prescribed form or send the request via mail or online. However, where the records requested include exempted information, the clerk must separate them and only release the public records. Record custodians may also charge a fee for accessing records and require a government-issued ID to validate the requester’s identity.

Midland County Court Records Search

Almost anyone can obtain public Midland County court records. Public court records can be inspected or viewed at the courthouse. However, the courthouse must be where the case was filed or handled. Requesters can also use the Midland Courts website or the County Clerk’s Official Public Records to submit their requests remotely.

Midland County Court Records Search by Name

Named-based searches are a common option for reviewing court records in Midland County and across Texas. Record seekers must have a first or last name as recorded in the sought file. The name will be the parameter used by the custodian, the court clerk, to search for the records. Requesters may also be able to use the online judiciary and county websites to submit record requests.

Midland County Courts

Midland County operates a three-tier court structure with the Supreme Court at the top, the Court of Appeals next, and the Trial Courts. The county has trial courts, including Justice Courts, District Courts, Statutory Probate Courts, Municipal Courts, and District Courts. These courts are open to the public between 8 am to 5 pm from Monday to Friday. Here are Midland County Courts in detail:

Midland County District Courts
Midland County 142nd District Court
500 N Lorraine ST
#300, Midland, TX 79701
(432) 688-4500 - Phone
(432) 688-4934 - Fax

Midland County 238th District Court
500 N Lorraine ST
#300, Midland, TX 79701
(432) 688-4500 - Phone
(432) 688-4934 - Fax

Midland County 385th District Court
500 N Lorraine St
#300, Midland, TX 79701
(432) 688-4500 - Phone
(432) 688-4934 - Fax

Midland County 441st District Court
500 N Lorraine St
#300, Midland, TX 79701
(432) 688-4500 - Phone
(432) 688-4934 - Fax

Midland County Constitutional Courts
Midland County Constitutional Court
500 N Lorraine St
P.O. Box 1350, Midland, TX 79702
(432) 688-4402 - Phone
(432) 688-4926 - Fax

Midland County’s County Courts at Law
Midland County Court at Law
500 N Lorraine St
P.O. Box 1350, Midland, TX 79702
(432) 688-4402 - Phone
(432) 688-4926 - Fax

Midland County Court at Law No 2
500 N Lorraine St
P.O. Box 1350, Midland, TX 79702
(432) 688-4402 - Phone
(432) 688-4926 - Fax

Midland County Justice Courts
Midland County Justice of the Peace Precinct 1
400 S Main St
Midland, TX 79701
(432) 688-4721 - Phone
(432) 688-4960 - Fax

Midland County Justice of the Peace Precinct 2
707 W Washington
Midland, TX 79701
(432) 688-4722 - Phone
(432) 688-4949 - Fax

Midland Justice of the Peace Precinct 3
400 S Main St
Midland, TX 79701
(432) 688-4723 - Phone
(432) 688-4960

Midland County Justice of the Peace Precinct 4
7-7 W Washington
Midland, TX 79701
(432) 688-4724 - Phone
(432) 688-4949 - Fax

Midland County Municipal Courts
Midland Municipal Court
406 E Illinois, P.O. Box 1152
Midland, TX 79702
(432) 685-7314 - Phone

Midland County District Court Records

Midland County District Court records are court documents and archives held and maintained by the county’s District Courts. The Midland County District Courts have general jurisdiction over civil and criminal matters. This includes land title disagreements, felony criminal cases, misdemeanor cases, election contests, defamation or slander, and civil disputes.

District Courts generally have records of cases filed and concluded at their courthouses. As a result, accessing these records will require that you approach or submit a request to the District Court where the records were filed. Records available to the public shall not include exempted information, as this shall be deleted before copies are furnished to the requesters.

The District Courts have court clerks handling requests and maintaining the records. Requesters can also use convenient remote options like the District Clerk Public Record search tool to send records requests and search through archives.

Note: Record seekers may need to pay a fee to make copies of the records.

Midland County Criminal Records

Midland County criminal records are available to citizens through different means. Generally, criminal records are kept and maintained by law enforcement agencies and the Midland County local sheriff’s office.

Criminal records refer to an individual's criminal history and convictions documentation. Eligible parties can approach the local sheriff’s office or county clerk’s office to request physical records. Requesters can visit the Sheriff Records page for a breakdown of fees for each record type.

Applicants may need to provide a valid government-issued ID for verification if required. The county government has a Current Detainees website where citizens can obtain an updated list of detainees. In addition, the Midland Police Department also provides online services, allowing citizens to search for arrests and public safety incidents while offering copies of reports like crash reports.

Get Midland County Civil Court Records

Midland County civil court records are open to citizens through the provisions of the Texas Public Information Act. Citizens can approach any governmental institution and request public records, including public civil court records.

Civil court records include documents and information created for civil law cases and disputes such as personal injury, equitable claims, contract disagreements, real estate disputes, intellectual property, and family law cases. Midland County has a Civil Case Information website where record seekers can check court records for civil case information. Requesters can also get more details, including contact information of the relevant individuals, for their record requests.

Midland County Family Court Records

Midland County Family court records are documents and archives created while handling family law cases in family law courts. These records contain details on cases involving divorce, child support, property allocation, adoption, paternity, and child custody. These cases are handled by the 318th District Court and the County Courts at Law while sharing other concurrent jurisdiction with the other District courts in the county.

Family court records are available in Midland courts, where requesters can submit a request to the court clerk. Record seekers can also use the County Courts at Law and the 318th Family District Court websites to submit court record requests. Other judicial and county government websites like Midland Courts provide access to court records searches and requests. Fees are charged for accessing and making copies of records, which requesters must pay along with providing a valid ID for identity verification.

Midland Dissolution of Marriage Records

Midland County’s dissolution of marriage records consist of files and documents created for legally ending a marriage or facilitating a divorce. Dissolution of marriage is done in courts, but the records are also kept and maintained by the Texas Department of State Health Services, Office of Vital Statistics. Record seekers can approach the courts where the marriage dissolution petition was filed for records or the Office of Vital Statistics, the Local Vital Records Office branch.

Midland County Marriage and Divorce Records

Midland County marriage and divorce records refer to archives and documentation on legal unions and the dissolution of such unions in the county. Such records show who got married, the wedding official, where it was celebrated, the divorce terms, child custody terms, spousal support terms, and more.

Marriage and divorce records are held and maintained by the courts where the marriage is registered, or the divorce petition is heard. The Office of Vital Statistics also maintains an archive of marriage and divorce records for Texas with county-specific details in the Local Vital Records Office branch. Record seekers can use the Marriage Records website to retrieve marriage records dating back to 1867 in Midland County. The Midland County Clerk can also provide requesters with marriage and divorce records through the established agencies.

Midland Birth and Death Records

Birth and Death records are documents and archives of details surrounding each birth and death in the county. These records include birth certificates, death certificates, location of birth or death, and more. Birth and death records are available through the hospitals in the county, the Texas Department of State Health Services, and the Office of Vital Statistics.

The Office of Vital Statistics maintains a record of births and deaths, including birth and death records. The Local Vital Records Office branch also processes requests for birth and death records. Requesters can also contact the county government through the Birth and Death Certificate website to request copies of certificates. There are fees charged for birth and death records copies, and the records custodian may request ID verification using a valid government-issued ID.

Midland County Probate Court Records

Midland County probate records are files and documents filed at the probate registry or probate court. These records are created and filed to handle cases of personal administration, name change, administering a deceased’s estate, adopting a minor, and guardianship of a minor. Probate records are public records according to Texas’ public records policy, and they are available through the courts or using county government websites like Probate Case Information to get records or send a request. As such, the judiciary websites can also conduct a court record search or send a record request.

Midland County Property Records

Midland County property records are available due to the state’s open records law and can be accessed and inspected through the Official Public Records website of the county government. Record seekers can approach the county clerk to request judgments, liens, and deeds. Requesters can approach the county clerk’s office between 8 am and 5 pm on weekdays to submit their requests, along with the fees charged and a valid ID.

Midland County Court Records Online

Midland County court records are available on some official online platforms. For instance, record seekers can use the judiciary and county government websites to conduct court records searches and submit requests. Some third-party websites like courtrecords.us may offer indexed records, including court records, while operating independently of any state government or entity. However, the accuracy of information on such sites can not be guaranteed.

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